Question: Probably a stupid question, but in the Once Upon a Time finale, did Rumple restore the magic — even if it meant empowering Regina — because he was so ticked about Belle being hidden away so long? —Joshua
Ausiello: You are correct — that was a stupid question. ”His plan was set in motion long before he knew that Belle was alive,” notes exec producer Adam Horowitz. “ So all his actions in the finale were part of something else going on. When he discovers that Belle is alive and that Regina had her locked away, that’s a wrinkle in his plan and something that he must deal with in Season 2 while he also deals with whatever agenda he already has (hey, we’re not gonna spill that just yet!).”

This amuses me because they changed the answer. I was reading on LJ this morning and Jane Espenson had a reply to the question, which was this:

“I thought that was explicit in the episode,” consulting producer Jane Espenson responds with a laugh. “You could make a case that [bringing magic back to Storybrooke] was always part of his plan, but yeah, it was definitely a counter move based on his anger at Belle being locked away. That doesn’t mean that that’s his ultimate end; he may have had a goal beyond that.”

If we needed any more proof that Espenson is a huge Rumbelle shipper, here it is.

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    He had to go back to the shop to get the key to open the egg. I suspect it wouldn’t have worked if the potion didn’t mix...
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    I don’t think we need any more proof, she said her favorite moment of the entire season was the Rumbelle kiss. lol...
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    Wait. Didn’t this question just have another COMPLETELY DIFFERENT answer from Jane Espenson yesterday? What is even...
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    This amuses me because they changed the answer. I was reading on LJ this morning and Jane Espenson had a reply to the...
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    i still think it has to do with getting Bae back.
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    If he literally had the plan set for that long, then he’s probably almost as responsible for everyone’s suffering as...
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    So that purple mist is The Bae Signal. That’s what I’m calling it from now on. Nope. Can’t stop me. Rumple used THE BAE...
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    This reassures me that bringing magic back was all part of the ‘find Bae’ plan.
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