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Was anyone else disappointed with how quickly the Rumbelle reunion happened? I guess I just wanted more memory loss Belle, and make Rumple work for her a little more.

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  1. intothequattro answered: I get the feeling there will be a bigger story with them come season 2.
  2. ladykayura answered: YES!! The DVD had better have an extra long finale if possible. But I was really hoping to see her interact with storybrooke. Memories or no.
  3. roxanabanana answered: AND MORE CHAT BETWEEN THEM..they rushed everything in one episode..I WANTED MORE RUMBLELLE
  4. apurplebastard answered: Rumple is yet again goin to choose power over love and once more see Belle walk out on him.
  5. saffrondawn answered: Everyone else got a kiss, and we get a hug =[
  6. kishmet answered: What I wanted was more Belle going “EXCUSE ME SCREW YOUR MAGIC SHIT YOU HAVE A LOT OF APOLOGIZING TO DO MISTER.” And he would. In a sexy way.
  7. arent-you-a-real-prince-charming answered: In my opinion: I haven’t seen any Rumbelle since episode 12, so I took what I got! XD
  8. iamlilliangracey answered: no. it was perfect.
  9. king-undisputed answered: Yes, but no. Memory-loss and anxiety-ridden Belle would have been great to see and it did feel rushed, but it was still great.
  10. the-hexorcist answered: The truth is EVERYONE’S reunions were rushed. Rumbelle feels could fill an entire episode on their own, easily.
  11. braveryearned answered: I honestly believe he still is going to have to work for her, but just in a different way then we all thought originally.
  12. jpuffly answered: A little bit, only because now I’m worried what’s in store for them next season to give us the reunion so quickly.
  13. adamnwest answered: I was disappointed. I felt like fan fiction writers wrote a much better version than how the episode was. I wish there was a bit more depth
  14. bellethedaydreamer answered: No way! I was sooo happy! I couldn’t wait for her to remember! : ]
  15. lookitsteatime answered: I felt like the entire episode was a bit rushed, and if it had been a two-parter things wouldn’t have been pushed so fast
  16. princessoftheword answered: I liked that he freely said he loved her. It showed how much she loved him and would forgive him, and how much he had learned.
  17. i-shine-not-burn answered: i’m just glad it happened and wish it had happened sooner.
  18. aimforfairytales answered: I was praying for a kiss. Just a teensy tiny kiss… (and by that I mean a full make out scene ;D )
  19. geekgirlalicia answered: nope! I was surprised we got as much as we did, and I’m looking forward to getting more into their relationship next season :)
  20. genderfluidniall answered: I wish there had been more but I was also happy!
  21. accio-firewhiskey answered: No, I was very pleased. Plenty of angst for the war effort. Shall make for great rubble to dig through and build with in our fic sandbox
  22. ameliasponderland answered: Yeah! I was a bit dissapointed. I wanted them to drag it along for a bit into the next season it would have made for great television.
  23. evolutionarypsyche answered: The writers are saving that for season 2. It’s to keep us coming back.
  24. sublimeglass answered: It did feel tossed in there to appease us for this season. The “they’ll be time for all that” felt like the writers saying “Guys, Season 2!!”
  25. ceiphiedknight answered: Nope, I’m good! I’m pretty sure we’ll get “the talk” next season.
  26. am-i-beast-or-beauty answered: Based on the look on her face at the end, I think they still have a little ways to go before getting their happily ever after. IF they get it
  27. miztith answered: I wanna know how Jefferson knew, no matter how, I’m glad he did it.
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