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Still reeling from the finale. I NEVER thought they would have Rumple and Belle reunite this soon. And oh boy, what is he doing now with the magic? My main question though is how did Jefferson know about Belle? Any theories there?
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  1. deflect answered: It’d be cool if, in his memories of his past life, he had been there, or knowl. curse. More troubling: doing nothing before.
  2. doctordearie answered: 28 yrs of spying on everyone and everything thru his telescopes
  3. intothequattro answered: He is Batman.
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    And sorry.. He wanted revenge for Regina keeping his daughter away for him
  5. cookiem1996 answered: I think its b/c since we saw ‘S.Glass’ in the basement, then when Regina put him there she might of slipped about Belle being there..
  6. upransomedhalo answered: He is the MAD Hatter, he was likely locked up in there at some point & he & Belle befriended one another.
  7. king-undisputed answered: Same way he knew the code to get into the basement. Regina told him or he found files or something.
  8. bellethedaydreamer answered: Yeah, I am wondering the same thing. : / Don’t get me wrong;I am glad he knew. I still wonder though..
  9. princessoftheword answered: Regina probably told him at one point.
  10. evolutionarypsyche answered: Anything I come up with is bound to be wrong and will fell weird when canon and headcanon clash so I refuse to theorize at all.
  11. notawallet answered: Jefferson’s curse is knowledge. He knows ALL the secrets.
  12. sublimeglass answered: Jefferson’s hat now works, and he traveled to Screenwriter Land to obtain an OUAT script. Hence, his knowledge of Rumbelle. #crack
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  14. am-i-beast-or-beauty answered: I think it’s more likely he might’ve met her in FTL. Who knows who she met before Regina got her. Not sure how he knew where she was though.
  15. floydllawton answered: Who knows what he saw from his house, being stuck there for 28 years? He had been watching the whole town.
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