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By Triple Pirouette/3Pirouette


Summary: Post-ep for 2x02 We Are Both, based on some interesting speculation in the fandom. Belle crosses the town limit line, and without any memory of who she is she goes searching for Baelfire. 

Chapters 3-7 updated. 4-7 written based on prompts from accio-firewhiskey

A/N- I know it’s been a while. I wanted to get back into writing. If you guys remember this, I hope you enjoy it. :) 

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rumbelle meme | four episodes: broken [2/4]
↳ “Promise me you won’t give in to your hate. Promise me you won’t kill her. Promise me, and we can be together.”
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2.19 | lacey


2.19 | lacey

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((A very nearly plotless sequel to By Starlight.  I think I may have outdone myself with the super mega happy ending here.  Gold and Belle go up to the cabin for a weekend.  Gosh, what do you think they’re going to do?  Do I even have to say NSFW?))


Belle stirs from the deepest sleep she’s had in months when the warm body beneath her shifts away. 

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— Rumbelle Manip — Almost Human —
[original pic from la belle et la bete]


— Rumbelle Manip — Almost Human —

[original pic from la belle et la bete]

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So, obviously Once’s Belle is derived from Disney’s Belle, with the love of reading and her costumes being inspired by Disney’s Belle’s, but, for me, Once’s Belle is a more rounded out, more nuanced development of Disney’s Belle.

Disney’s Belle loves to read, yes, but all of the books she reads in the film are fairy tales, adventures, romances, or Shakespearean tragedy. She doesn’t seem to have an interest in reading for knowledge or reading beyond fiction. Once’s Belle, on the other hand, reads fiction, which we see with that “Her Handsome Hero” when we first meet her, but her reading isn’t limited to fiction. She reads for knowledge, to broaden her mind. She knows how to speak at least one other language, she knows how to track the yaoaguai, we see her researching various different things, including the knot Hook left behind, how Rumple was brought back, and what Zelena is up to. So, Once’s Belle reads for knowledge as well as pleasure.

Disney’s Belle wants adventure. What she actually says is ‘I want so much more than they’ve got planned’, but what exactly she wants is sort of vague. Once’s Belle, however, wants to be a hero: that’s the adventure or the kind of adventure she’s after. Disney’s Belle gets to go off and trade places with her father and become the Beast’s prisoner and then fall in love with him, and that’s her adventure. Once’s Belle gets to go with the Beast and fall in love with him too, but she saves all her people at the same time. And her heroism doesn’t end there: she saves Philip, helps Mulan, rescue’s Archie and retrieves Bae’s shawl, talks Dreamy into going after his girl, gets to help the Save Henry crew, gets to figure out how to bring Rumple back, gets to help defeat Zelena, and gets to be Rumple’s hero all the time. Another thing that’s important about Once’s Belle is that the heroism and the bravery don’t come easily: she doubts herself, doubts that she can make a difference, which makes her relatable and human. Disney’s Belle never has any moment of doubt or self-consciousness.

Disney’s Belle’s reaction to the Beast is also different from Once’s Belle’s. Disney’s Belle is frightened of him: she gasps and draws back, but Once’s Belle is curious. She’s wary of him, but not frightened, I don’t think. And I think Once’s Belle is more compassionate towards her Beast than Disney’s Belle: she’s more interested in trying to get to know him than Disney’s Belle is in the beginning. Disney’s Belle even says that she doesn’t want to get to know her Beast. Once’s Belle sees through Rumple in a way that Disney’s Belle doesn’t see through Beast. Once’s Belle is more perceptive than Disney’s Belle about who the Beast really is.

I think all of this makes Once’s Belle a more feminist character than Disney’s Belle. I do love Disney’s Belle, but I think Once’s Belle just takes her feminist attributes to another level.

I also think that Once’s Belle is kinder and more compassionate than Disney’s Belle, especially with the way she behaves with her Beast. She’s a more intuitive person than Disney’s Belle.

I love both Belles, but Once’s Belle is just the most wonderful incarnation of the character for me. She has beauty of mind, heart, and appearance :)

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Favorite Rumple Photos 29/100
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Shipperqueen93 prompted: I’d like to prompt Belle pretending to be Golds gf because she saw Zelena(cora/milah etc) hitting on him and noticed how uncomfortable he seemed.

Aidan Gold nearly spilled his drink when the tall, leggy blonde slid up out of his blind spot and plopped herself down on the stool next to him.

“Hey, stranger,” she said with a smile too wide and a voice too syrupy to be sincere.

He cringed away from her overpowering perfume.“Zelena.”

“What are you doing here all by your lonesome?” she asked as if it wasn’t obvious that he was trying to have a drink, by himself, after a difficult week.

She rubbed her hand, fingers splayed out like a starfish, up his arm and back down again, squeezing his bicep in an attempt to garner his attention. “You look like you could use some company.”

“Actually, no, I’m fine.”

She smiled at him, all large teeth and crazy eyes, “I think I’ll stay. It’s a public place and the night is young.”

He resigned himself to either putting up with Zelena hanging on his arm and wallet or calling it a night and going home. The problem was, he figured, that Zelena would try to go home with him and then try and weasel her way inside and then weasel her way into his bed and into his life and the idea was preposterous when he laid it out before him like that, but that facts were plain: she wanted him for some reason.

He was just contemplating how much damage he could do to himself by climbing out the men’s room window when another woman insinuated herself between them and wrapped an arm around his shoulder.

“Hey there, mister, I’m sorry I’m late,” she said with a kiss pressed to his cheek, nuzzling a spot just in back of his earlobe as if she knew that spot made his toes curl in their socks and his heart stutter in anticipation.

"My name’s Belle,” she whispered in his ear, her warm breath sending a shiver down his spine. She pulled back with a content look on her face, like a cat that expects the canary to just walk into its mouth. "Mmm, you smell delicious." She turned to the other woman, her voice turning chilly without any effort, "Hey there.”

Zelena looked like she’s sucked on a particularly bitter lemon. “Who’s this?” she asked Gold, her lip curling in distaste.

He glanced at the woman in question. She was back to smiling at him, looking him straight into his eyes with hers. They were incredibly blue and clear and honest and he forgot what he was doing for a moment until she pinched him on the elbow, reminding him that they had an audience with a lift of her perfectly curved brows.

“This is Belle,” he said, glancing at her once more. “Belle, this is Zelena, who was just leaving.”

“It’s a pleasure, Zelena,” The woman, Belle, said with a cool smile.

Zelena blinked a couple of times and Gold would have felt sorry for her if she hadn’t been stalking him for the past month.

She gave Belle a look filed with such venom that Gold was afraid a brawl would break out. Over him, which was ridiculous. No one fought over him. Fought him, yes. Over him? Never.

He turned to look over his shoulder expecting to find cameras or something to indicate why he suddenly had the undivided attention of two women — it had to be a joke — but there was nothing behind him except the weary masses of Storybrooke doing their best to drink away their week just like him.

The stare down culminated with Zelena backing off and slinking away out of Gold’s sight. He gave a sigh of relief when she left but was faced with this newcomer, this Belle, and didn’t know what he had to do to get rid of her, too. It would be too much to ask for another woman to fall in his lap to drive off this one and then how would he get rid of that one? And now he was confused. He shook his head slightly in bemusement at himself. Some catch he was.

Belle pulled back and sat down on Zelena’s vacant stool. “I’m so sorry to startle you like that, Mr…”

“Gold,” he said, warily. Who doesn’t know who he was in this town? Everyone knew him or, at least, knew of him.

“Oh, you’re Mr. Gold,” she said, eyeing him up and down with obvious pleasure. “You’re not what I expected at all.”

And there it was. She probably wanted something.

“Did you want something?” he asked, already tired of the conversation.

“No. I just thought you needed the help.”

“I don— Was it that obvious?” He hated the thought that his plight was so blatant, but he was willing to concede that she, that Belle, had helped apparently out of altruistic reasons.

She chuckled. “I can spot a desperate soul when I see one. She was clinging to you like tar squished between your toes.”

He had a moment to visualize what that would look like and cringed.

“Well, I thank you for your rescue… Belle. But she’s gone now so you can enjoy your evening now.” He turned back to his scotch, expecting her to vanish just as quickly as she came.

“Can’t. She’s sitting at the jukebox — don’t turn around — watching us. Well, watching you.”

“Don’t know why,” he mumbled into his glass.

“Maybe I should scoot closer so she doesn’t suspect anything.”

“You really don’t have to put yourself out like that—”

Too late, she’d already moved her seat over and wrapped her arm through his, shifting so their sides completely touched.

“There. Now we look more couple-y.”

She was so close that her breath made the ends of his air tremble and he shivered once more from the effect it had on him. Maybe he should quite drinking.

“This is quite unnecessary” he said.

“Oh, I don’t mind,” she said with a light squeeze on his arm somehow feeling better than when Zelena did the same thing. Maybe because he felt less like meat and more like a human being when Belle did it. “And it’s just for a few moments and then you can be rid of me.”

“Do you do this sort of thing often?”

“Never! But I made a promise that I’d help someone in need someday.”

“I’m not in need.”

“You looked ready to burst into flames. I can’t say that I blame you, she was a bit much.”

He had to chuckle at that and Belle’s face lit up. She was beautiful, he realized, once he bothered to look at her. He didn’t think it was the bottom of the glass talking either.

"I had a horrible experience once with a man who was all grabby hands and grabby arsed and didn’t take no for an answer. Next thing I knew I had a lap full of a redhead named Ariel who flat-out kissed me on the lips. Scared the oaf off permanently.”

Gold was intrigued. “What happened after?”

“We broke up after about three months,” she said with a rueful look. “Turns out, I really prefer men and she prefers women named Erica. But we’re still good friends. I’m her maid of honor next month and I couldn’t be happier for her.”

He smiled, genuinely, for the first time in what felt like years. “That’s really nice.”

Belle’s attention was diverted over his shoulder for a moment. “Oh, wait. Yes. She’s leaving. I hope she doesn’t go out and flatten your tires or anything stupid like that.” She looked back at him, wrinkling her nose.

He shook his head. “I can handle a few flat tires easily.” He licked his lips quickly. “Thank you. Belle. It was nice to meet you.”

She beamed at him and caught him breathless. “And you, too! I enjoyed our conversation.”

Funny, he almost believed her.

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Cuties and umbrellas—20/08/2014 (x)


Cuties and umbrellas—20/08/2014 (x)

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OUATMEME : 10 characters » [6/10] 
Belle French

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