ouat meme: seven outfits [7/7]

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Summary: On her first night staying with Rumple after the curse break, Belle has a night terror and goes to Rumple for comfort.

Wow, I actually wrote smut! Set after Belle comes back to Rumple’s shop in 2x01. Comments and constructive criticism are greatly appreciated especially because this is my first time writing smut.


"You are not a monster, Rumple. I will convince you of that one of these days." Belle promised, squeezing his shoulders in what she hoped was a comforting way. Her hands drifted up to card through his straight hair, and she found herself missing the curled hair he used to have. She couldn’t say that one form of Rumplestiltskin was better than any other, but she fell in love with the less conventionally attractive form he had in the Enchanted Forest. Outside the warmth of the shop, the raging wind had finally settled- the wraith was gone, hopefully for good. Rumple turned his face into her palm as his hair ran through her fingers, closing his eyes.

Before she could protest, Rumple stepped out of her reach, setting the cup on the cluttered table and sat back down at his spinning wheel. Even when she made a confused noise, reaching for his shoulder, he refused to meet her eyes. “Belle, please. I will only hurt you again, you must believe me. It’s better for you if you leave now.” His whole body was rigid, the muscles underneath her hand trembling.

"You will not hurt me, Rumplestiltskin. I know you, I love you, and just once, I wish you would believe me when I tell you that!” Belle pleaded with him, her voice loud in the quiet of the shop. He still refused to look at her, but she considered it a good sign that he had stopped spinning.  Belle knelt down next to him, placing one finger gently under his chin in an effort to force him to look at her. “If you truly want me to leave, let it be because you don’t want me, not because you think I can’t want you. Nobody decides my fate but me.” Belle finished with a weak smile, thinking back to the very first time she had said those exact words.

Rumple finally met her eyes with a tremulous smile, and said, “Oh, Belle. Don’t ever doubt that I want you. I’ll always want you. I love you so much, dearest.” He sunk his fingers into her hair, gently pulling her face to his for a kiss. The sensation of his fingers in her scalp sent shock waves through her whole body. Before she could even think, Belle was straddling his lap, her back pressed against the spinning wheel, kissing him like her life depended on it. She threw her arms around his shoulders, gently running her nails over the nape of his neck and up into his hair. Rumple groaned into her mouth, kissing her feverishly, his tongue desperately exploring her mouth like he couldn’t get enough of her taste. 

Belle pressed closer to him, shuddering as Rumple abandoned her mouth in favor of pressing hot, wet kisses to her jawline and down the column of her throat. A fire ignited under her skin as he gently nibbled her earlobe, and she moaned, loud in the evening quiet. His hands mapped out her back and she pressed his face into her neck, her nails digging into his scalp in a way that must have been painful. He had just pressed his mouth to the side of her neck, biting possessively, when her stomach gave a loud growl.

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Once Upon a Time ♚ Character Magazine


Once Upon a Time ♚ Character Magazine
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Title: From Fairest Creatures (we might desire increase)
Pairing: Rumplestiltskin/Belle
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Pregnancy naturally changes things about a woman’s body, and Rumpelstiltskin is more than happy to admire Belle’s new figure when her bras are suddenly far too small.
A/N: Pregnancy fluffy porn for my darling twin iambicdearie :D

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Robert and Emilie being cute together [x]

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once upon a time meme: twelve characters
belle french [2/12] 

"No one decides my fate but me." 

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 Anonymous said:

Adoption verse remix. The moment when Gold realizes a few phone calls aren’t going to cut it.

anonymousnerdgirl said:

Adoption!remix: Prior to taking custody or even properly finding out about Bae, Gold pays a visit to Milah. His insurance was billed for her hospital visit and delivery. The results of his investigation shock him.

Hey, so remember this?  We’re still going with it!  It’s a remix of my Adoption!verse wherein Gold gets Bae back as an infant, but the character’s histories are still the same!  Anyway, I am accepting prompts for this ‘verse still, so send in whatever you’ve got!

Also thanks to all the parents and aunts who answered my questions about four month old babies, and especially endangeredslug who’s been talking to me about breastfeeding and bottles and did a little bit of beta reading on this piece as well, and melissabosquez who also looked over it for correctness.  I have legitimately no experience with infants.

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Rumbelle Spm 24 : A fun day outside.


Rumbelle Spm 24 : A fun day outside.

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favourite character meme - [7/8] quotes

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