Q:  Can I submit fanart, graphic, fanfiction, news etc.?
A: Yes! Submissions are always welcome (as long as they relate to Rumbelle, Belle and Rumpelstiltskin/Mr.Gold ;) ).  If you already posted your submission on tumblr please submit a link to the original post so I can simply reblog it.

Q: You reblogged a graphic that was stolen from me.
A: Please don’t hesitate to let me know! I will delete the stolen graphic and reblog the original post as soon as possible.

Q: Can you recommend me some Rumbelle fanfiction?
A: Please go and take a look at these recommendation lists by:

I also did some recommendation posts for people looking for specific types of stories:

Q: Where can I get OUAT Pictures and Screencaps?
A: You can find Screencaps at Screencapped.net and Home of the Nutty, Promo Pictures and Episode Stills at SpoilerTV.

Q: Is it Rumbelle or Rumpbelle?
A: The majority of the fandom uses Rumbelle.
If I remember correctly the name was picked by a few fans before Skin Deep even aired to make it easier to keep track of all things Belle/Rumpel and so there wouldn’t be a million different tags for them. While Rumpbelle isn’t “wrong” more people will see your work (or you will find more fanwork) if you use the Rumbelle tag.

Q: When was it mentioned on the show that Mr. Gold woke up from the curse upon hearing Emma’s name? I thought he always remembered? How did he know to get Henry if he didn’t remember?
A: It was never mentioned on the show itself. Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis did an interview with fan questions where they confirmed that Mr. Gold only remembered FTL and being Rumpelstiltskin once he heard Emma’s name in the pilot. You can watch it here (the question is asked about 6 minutes in). As to the whole Henry issue, my guess is that we will have to wait till next Season to see if there will be an explanation for that or if we will have to live with it not adding up.

Q: Will you beta my fanfic/read my fanfic and give me some criticism?
A: Sorry, but no. I do not have the time and I just suck at giving constructive feedback/criticism or any kind of useful writing advice, really. Also English isn’t my first langue so I fear I wouldn’t be all that useful on the spelling and grammar front either.