anonymous prompted: Rumple figures out that dirty talk does it for Belle.



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apparently I wasn’t finished

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The moment he woke the next morning, Gold lunged for his computer, his heart racing.  Every critic in New York would have been out in force for the premiere of a Leopold Blanchard show, and in a cast of five there was nowhere for him to hide.  For the first time in decades, one of his performances would be attracting copious amounts of attention, and this morning’s reviews would either revitalize his career or destroy it utterly depending on the reception he got.

Swallowing hard, he called up Belle’s review first.  Last night she’d told him that his performance had impressed her, but he wanted to see her honest assessment in black and white before he could allow himself to truly relax.

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Beauty from Beauty and the Beast

Favorite Female Characters 7/100

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Anonymous prompted: In the Rumple is mistaken for Belle’s dad verse prompt. A woman hits on Rumple and Belle reacts.

[I deleted the ask by accident but luckily I’d already copied the prompt into a word doc!]


Belle was not usually what one would call a jealous person. She was certainly confident enough in both herself and Rumpel not to feel any kind of anxiety when she saw him talking to other women. Especially since they were on their honeymoon, and Belle had received more than enough proof that her husband was completely and absolutely devoted to her. She shivered with anticipation just thinking about it.

But just this once, seeing another woman showing a far more than merely friendly interest in him had given Belle something of a possessive streak, especially when she could see, even from this distance, that Rumpel was not at all comfortable talking to the woman who was sitting beside him.

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Chapter Four: By The Full Moon’s Light

Sorry this took so long, guys! I’ve not had inspiration for this fic for a while, but now that college has started again, of course my inspiration is coming backbecause my brain is a pain in my arse.

As always, your comments and constructive criticism are greatly appreciated!

The deeper Belle rode into Rumplestiltskin’s lands, the harder it was to keep going. The forests around the mountain were steeply inclined and dense, and her horse, even built as he was for mountainous terrain, was having trouble on the path. The land was desolate. Few people but Rumplestiltskin had lived in the mountain for as long as he had. She couldn’t say she blamed them- sharing land with the Dark One couldn’t possibly be agreeable to most people. There was only one small village nestled at the base of the mountain an easy distance from the Dark Castle. Belle smiled with the recollection of the scenic walk there and back, only Regina clouding the memory slightly. Belle pushed that from her mind and tried to concentrate on the ride ahead – dawn had only just broken and she was still a two-day ride away from the castle.

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Chapter 30 Title:  Captured on Camera

Random Quote Teaser from Chapter 30: 

Gold didn’t stand a chance with both Belle and Neal urging him on.

He glowered at David and took the two napkins from him. “You’re going to pay for this, Mr. Nolan.” He growled through gritted teeth.

David didn’t flinch. “I’m sure you must enjoy impressing Belle with all of your skills.”

Gold couldn’t help chuckling. Nolan was getting too good at playing the Belle card.

Gold took the pink napkin and expertly folded and shaped it into a heart. He gave Nolan a self-satisfied look as he handed it to Belle. The whole crowd clapped and awwed. Belle blushed and Gold grinned.

Then he took the white napkin and transformed it into a more complicated shape. He handed it to David. “This one’s for you.”

Nolan held it up for everyone to see. “It’s a snail.”

Story Summary:  New business partners Rumford Gold and Moe French reward their staff with a week-long Caribbean cruise. Gold is an unwilling traveler until he meets Moe’s daughter, Belle. Moe is hoping that she’ll connect with one of the young men from their office. Unbeknownst to him, she has more in common with Gold than with any of them. 

Genre: Romance and Humor   

Rating: Explicit/NC-17

AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1214530/chapters/5024163

FFNet: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10129224/30/The-Company-Cruise

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