once upon a time rewatch - going home (x)

you think I’m weak ‘cause you can tear me apart with the words that you speak,

you think you’re in control, but you don’t understand how much you’re wrong…

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2.14 | manhattan


2.14 | manhattan

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 |Part 9 | Part 10AO3 }

Anonymous said:
I’m not sure if this would be a full prompt, but I can see Gold wanting to take hundreds pictures of Bae while on vacation.

anonymousnerdgirl said:
Adoption!prompt: Gold goes a bit crazy taking pictures of the family vacation.

ctdg said:
a prompt for your adoption!verse if you’re interested : they lose bae somewhere, i don’t know maybe at the pier or a fair during a walk, and for the first time gold gets very angry with bae when finally they find hi,. sorry the bit of angst

A/N: Alright well I stuck MOSTLY to those prompts, but in the end I couldn’t fill part of the last one. 

I also wanted to thank the entire Rumbelle fandom for trying so hard to cheer me up yesterday when I was having a bad time.  You guys are the best fandom I’ve ever seen ever and I love you all SO much!  Thanks for being there, guys.

Also I AM still taking prompts because I like this ‘verse and have no desire for it to ever end.  I have a ton of them already but I’m down for more.

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You know when Belle was “leaving” Rumple in “Skin Deep” and Regina approached her in her carriage? I wonder that when Belle turned around if she was expecting it to be Rumple who had come after, not as a master after his slave, but as a man after the woman he had fallen in love with. It would make since because he did own a carriage in “Lacey”.

Just think: She’s walking away from the home she’s had for almost a year and then she hears the sound of a carriage. She turns around with an expression that reads “It’s him he’s coming for me!” but she sees an unfamiliar carriage instead. As she steps off the road to let it pass, she looks slightly dissapointed. She really wanted it to be him.

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Also know as the Dark One.

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Gold is jealous of Graham.

I’ve had several prompts asking for some sort of scenario in which Gold is jealous of a guy/friend/boyfriend of Belle’s. So, if you prompted jealous!Gold, here you go!! 

This takes places the afternoon after the events of Panic. Additionally, this takes place around the same time as the events in Nothing to Remember, which is what happened to Zelena after Panic

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2.10 | the cricket game


2.10 | the cricket game

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3.11 | going home


3.11 | going home

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Title: Dead Bedroom

Rating: M

Summary: After four years, Mr. Gold has found himself in a sexless marriage with his young wife, Belle. Determined to not have his second marriage fail, Gold sets on his way to find the root of the problem in his relationship and bring back intimacy to their home.

Chapter Summary: After his argument with Belle, Gold confides to David Nolan and Archie Hopper over the complications in his marriage while also remembering the first night Belle rejected him.

Chapter Five

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Bobby & Emilie [40/?]

@emiliederavin what’s the best part of working with @robertcarlyle_?

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