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jetnefer said:
LOVE your Time Travel Remix!! Can I prompt that Belle (perhaps tired out from that walk around the grounds she wanted) asks Rumple to read to the baby? He did say she liked his voice :)


Follows from this.

She was loathe to admit it, but the walk around the garden had completely exhausted Belle. It wasn’t much of a surprise. Everything made her tired these days. Considering she had an extra person living in her body at the moment, Belle supposed that must be normal.

And hungry too. She’d never had a big appetite, but now Belle felt like she could eat morning, noon and night and still want more. The books she’d read had warned about the nausea and vomiting that accompanied pregnancy, but barring a couple weeks early on she hadn’t dealt much with that particular ailment. She almost wished she had. Anything to make her stop eating. She knew it was ridiculous to feel vanity at a time like this, but she’d always been so small. Now she felt big as a house.

And now, on top of being hungry and exhausted, the baby was awake and kicking.

Rumple helped Bell back up to her library where she gratefully took a seat on her chaise. Her lower back was killing her and her feet hurt something awful.

"Well," Rumple said nervously. "I hope you enjoyed your fresh air."

"I did," Belle replied, trying to remain cheerful despite her discomfort. "Thank you for attending me."

Rumple gave a stiff nod and turned as though to leave. But Belle found she didn’t want to be alone right now. And more than that, she wanted to spend time with him.

"Rumple, wait!" she called, before she could fully think out what she was going to say.

He turned, looking at her quizzically.

"Are you hungry?" he inquired.

Belle rolled her eyes. “I’m always hungry.”

With a wave of his hand the table at Belle’s elbow was covered with a silver tray filled with warm crusty bread, thick pads of butter, heaping piles of jam, an abundance of fresh fruit and a steaming pot of tea. He really did spoil her.

"Will you read to me?" she called frantically as Rumple made to leave again.

"Read to you?" he quirked his brow at her.

"You said she liked the sound of your voice," Belle said stroking her rounded stomach. "She and her mama have that in common."

If she didn’t know better, she would have sworn Rumple blushed a bit at her confession, his grey-green cheeks darkening slightly. But it could have just been a trick of the late afternoon light.

He nodded again, coming to sit beside Belle on the chaise and picking up the book she had discarded earlier. Belle reclined against the arm of the seat, kicking off her shoes and pulling her feet up next to her. She popped a grape in her mouth as Rumple began to read aloud about the beautiful Buttercup and her True Love Westley, his accent curling around the words in a melodic way.

Belle stretched out a bit, barely even noticing when her bare feet wound up in Rumple’s lap and he began to rub them gently as he continued reading. She drifted off to the sound of his voice, both mother and baby lulled to sleep by the burr of their fierce protector.

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Lana, Emilie & Robert. - OUAT Panel, SDCC’14. [x]

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I saw the EW questions for Once Upon a Time. Why no Rumple or Belle questions? It made me sad, I know there had been some. — Karen
I did ask about them… just not during The Hot Seat. On the Belle side, there’s this. But on the Rumple side, I hear things are going to get very contentious again between him and Hook this season. “Hook and Rumplestiltskin have a very long history that is blood-riddled and difficult that has been put aside for a little while due to circumstance,” executive producer Adam Horowitz tells me. “But now that circumstances have changed, that past history is going to rear its head again.” Let’s just hope Hook doesn’t steal another one of his wives.



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Anonymous said:
A Cage of Straw Bound with Blood prompt. Rum has a anxiety attack, or a bad nightmare or some after effects from being held in captivity. Belle comforts.


Another anon prompted: Belle/Rumple making love in bed at the pink house.

Belle snapped awake with a gasp, her hand shooting out to touch the empty bed beside her.  Rumpelstiltskin was gone.

Taking a deep breath, she tried to calm her racing heart, reminding herself that her nightmare had been just that- a nightmare.  Her true love was alive and safe with her, and she strained her ears to try to figure out where he was.

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I’m so sorry

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OUAT MEME #3 | twelve characters  → Belle (8/12)

"What do I have here? Self respect!"
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